The Strategy of the development of the Architecture and Urban Planning Institute of VSTU

Информация о событии
20 December 2016

The strategy of the development of the Architecture and Urban Planning Institute of VSTU was discussed during the meeting of the Rectorate of the Flagship University.

The program is aimed at solution of tasks in training of skilled specialists for different areas of the urban economy.

The researchers, the specialized Vice-Governors, the Heads of specialized committees of the Regional Administration and the big source-stocking and constructing companies of the city considered the project of the Creation of the Educational and Industrial Innovational Complex on the base of the Flagship University.

With the complex the participation of the University and students in programs functioning on the territory of the region, including stable development of rural territories and transport system, housing of the inhabitants and modernization of the communal infrastructure; will be realized on new level.

The main problem is the assurance of the training of the high-demand specialists for the construction and communal areas, overcoming the difference between demand and supply on the labor-market.

The specialists are sure that the students have to practice in the regional enterprises. They are set to create the specialized chairs on the base of the constructing enterprises for the future engineers who can get the practical experience.

The Flagship University is going to become the main platform for engineers training that will take the interests of economic development of the region into account.

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