The unique robot

Информация о событии
26 December 2016

The researchers from the chair “Theoretical Mechanics” of VSTU and the specialists from the Federal Scientific and Industrial Center “Titan-Barricades” created the walking aggregate with paired orthogonal vehicles “Orthonog”. The machine was demonstrated in Moscow exhibition center (Krasnaya Presnya district).

This robot became one of the promising intellectual works of more than 100 leading Universities, 35 Engineering Centers and 50 industrial enterprises of our country presented in the exhibition “UniversityPromExpro-2016”. The exhibition was dedicated to the results of the realization of the federal target-oriented program “Researches and Projects in the top-priority areas of the development of the Scientific and Technical Complex of Russia for the years 2014-2020”.

Unquestionably, the machine is unique in Russia and, moreover, in the world. It is simple and reliable in comparison with the machines of similar class of occidental creators. It is possible to fit it to such difficult tasks as the research of the surface of other planets or the sea bottom. Particularly, the “Orthonog” robot is regarded as the important element of the large-scale project of the hydrocarbon extraction on Arctic shelf.


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