Fairies from Economics and Management Faculty

Информация о событии
29 December 2016

The first-year students from the Economics and Management Faculty of VSTU successfully performed in the II All-Russian Contest of Multimedia Projects and Photos “Philosophy Mirror” that took place at Saratov State Technical University.

The theme of this year was “Philosophy of an ordinary thing”. The participants had to stop in the run of the daily life and discover the secret of the simplest things. All the students who wanted to take part in the contest sent the authorial photo, presentation or video and wrote a philosophical essay.

The students from the group E-156 successfully realized their ideas. Anastasia Stash came third.    

Dariya Evreeva and Anastasia Vasiluk, philosophical duet, got the diploma for their work “The book in the phone: The Phoenix from ashen”.

The results of the contest: http://www.sstu.ru/obrazovanie/instituty/ispm/struktura/fls/nauchnaya-ra...


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