The diplomas of Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute are remarked on the All-Russian level

Информация о событии
10 January

Penza State University of Architecture and Construction has organized the contest of graduation projects of Bachelor Degree for the second year. The students from Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute (affiliate of VSTU) won in this contest again.

- Arthur Izuskin won with the project “Creation of the auto service in tachograph setup and calibration for the safety improving of moving traffic” in the nomination “Maintenance Station Project”;

- Artem Zhidkov won with the project “Definition of the assessment criterions of the vibrational acceleration of the transmission for the augmentation of the working capacity of buses “Volzhanin” in the nomination “Safety Research”;

- Sergey Stromov won with the project “Organization of the events in the elevation of operational reliability of the means of transport using the appliance of the control of the driver’s work and rest schedule aimed at the elevation of the transportation efficacy” in the nomination “Operational researches”.

In conclusion it’s important to remark that the students from Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute managed to be in advance of Moscow Polytechnic University, Ural State Forestry Engineering University, Tula State University etc.

We congratulate the students and the teachers of the University on the high level of the preparation of the graduation projects!


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