“Kvantorium” on the base of VSTU


Volgograd District joined the rank of 13 districts – winners of the contest selection in federal subsidy for the creation of the technical parks for children. Planned in 2018, “Kvantorium” will accept about 900 children.

According to the Regional Committee of Education and Science, Volgograd District will get more than 70 million rubles for the creation of the technical park. 9 areas will be developed in Volgograd District: “Auto quantum”, “IT-quantum”, “Nano-quantum”, “Robo-quantum”, “Hi-tech Russian Railways quantum” etc. The place in thousand square feet in the new building of VSTU (Lenin Avenue) will become the main platform of the first technical park “Kvantorium” in Volgograd District.

The education will be organized with the use of the modern equipment and information technologies. The program will include the thematic lectures and master-classes.

The strategic aim of the project is the rehabilitation of the prestige of engineering and research professions, support of the talented children, formation of the system of training of high skilled engineers and researchers of the new type.

The project supposes the introduction of the new effective model of the additional education for the unification of the efforts of science, business and nation state on the base of the principles of the state private partnership.

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