New academic year with “Titan-Barrikady”


146 specialists of the Federal Research Industrial Center “Titan-Barrikady” will study by correspondence in the high and secondary professional education institutions. 106 persons will enter VSTU.

The Federal Research Industrial Center “Titan-Barrikady” continues the specialists’ target training. 27 persons are sent to the target training in accordance with the letter of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation from 06.04.2017 № 20/898 “About the order of realization of the state plan of specialists’ training for MIC in 2017” and contract with VSTU about the target training this year.

Nowadays the specialties of the chairs “Automated Units”, “Construction and Technological Assurance of Mechanical Engineering Industry”, “Mechanical Engineering”, “Program Engineering” and “Automation of Technical and Manufacturing Processes” are high-demand for the enterprise.


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