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The interregional stage of the pupils’ All-Russian Ecology Olympiad


The tour of the All-Russian Ecology Olympiad took place on the 7th and 8th of February on the base of VSTU. Almost 100 9th-11th-year pupils participated in it. The first day was dedicated to the theoretical tasks, the second day supposed the defense of the ecological projects.

The regional stage of the Ecology Olympiad is aimed at the popularization of the ecological knowledge, development of the ecological culture of the young citizens, support of the ecological education in the regions of Russia, attraction of the high-skilled research an pedagogical workers to the work with the talented people.

Many projects were realized in the Year of Ecology 2017, for example, the events aimed at the order in the area of the waste management. The regional system got the new infrastructural objects. More than 200 pupils and representatives of the youth from Volgograd District took part in the ecological educational actions of the federal and regional levels in 2017.

More than 2 000 upper-form pupils are taking part in the regional stage of the pupils’ All-Russian Ecology Olympiad that opened on the 11th of January and will last till the 22nd of February in 24 objects of general education on the base of 6 Universities and 2 Volzhskiy organizations (VSTU, VSSPU, VSU, VSMU, VSAU and VSAPE). The pupils completed the tasks in 16 objects (physical education, English, technology, fundamentals of health and safety, German, Italian, Chinese and Spanish languages).

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