The invitation from the International Center of Innovations and Technologies (VSTU)


The International Center of Innovations and Technologies of VSTU and the representatives of EPAM Systems, one of the leading world companies in software production, invite the senior students with analytical thinking, specialists with completed high education (preferably technical education) and skills of programming in one of the languages to pass the training in the area "Software Automation Testing Introduction".

The expected date of the course is the 25th of September 2017. The course is free and lasts 2 months, three times a week and three hours.

After passing the course successfully, the listeners will get the certificate and the possibility to practice or even work in EPAM Company.

The program of the training:

- introduction to the testing;

- planning and organization of the testing process;

- analysis and testing of the requirements;

- working on tests;

- search and documentation of defects;

- report about the results of testing;

- testing of productivity;

- automated testing;

- ways of projecting of effective tests.

After training the lecturers have to complete the tasks in one of the languages of programming Java or C#.

Requirements to the candidates:

- basic knowledge of the languages of programming Java or C# ;

- understanding of the principles of OOP;

- experience of programming in IDE (Eclipse, Visual studio);

- knowledge of English (capacity to read and translate);

- analytical thinking;

- initiative, responsibility, desire to develop;

- communicative skills, capacity to work in team;

- possibility to spend from 6 to 10 hours studying the material and working on tasks every week.

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