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Recreation zone for the students of VSTU


The first Flagship University continues the tradition of the teachers and students’ recreation, using the possibilities of the “Sports and Health Camp “Tumak”.

This August was marked with an important event for VSTU – opening of the educational and training camp of the Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute. This project of VSUACE restarted 9 years later.

The polytechnic students’ recreation includes three high quality meals, health-improving practice outdoors and rich cultural program for everyone interested.

The students shared their impressions about the program of the Camp “Tumak”. Maria Kostyrenko and Margarita Potapova liked the shift of the camp and the food.

Roman Tyomin told about the morning physical exercises, volleyball and positive atmosphere: games, walks to the pond and songs.  

Lali Burieva said good words about the administration: the territory was clean; the students were accepted with music and delicious treats. After work the students organized the sportive, cultural and intellectual events.

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