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The demand for the specialists in the industrial area in Volgograd District


The demand for the specialists of the industrial sector of economy consistently increases. The monitoring of 2016 put this demand at 11 000 persons and the prognosis for 2018 multiplies this quantity by two.

The realization of the grand-scale investment projects contributes to the creation of the places of work. 36 new industrial lines and enterprises were established in the district, the total volume of investment was more than 140 milliard rubles. The realization of 42 new projects in 600 milliard rubles is planned till 2027.

This data is taken into account for the formation of the control quantity of the prospective students. The highest dynamics of increase is marked in the areas "Mechanical Engineering" and "Chemical Technologies": the region forms the future welders, specialists in the automation of technological processes and enterprises, chemical technology of organic materials.

The new areas of training for the industrial enterprises are opened: shipbuilder and ship repairer of metal ships, additive technologies, mechatronics and mobile robotic science, technology of metal-processing industry, technology of formation of the products made of polymeric composites etc.

The economical specialists' training is one of the top-priority areas of the work of the Regional Government. Nowadays the dual system of education combining the study with industrial practice develops in Volgograd District.

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