V1.ru: The international guests tell about Volgograd


How does Volgograd look on the part of the international guests? Today the native of Vietnam Din Suan Bang shared his impressions about Volgograd and its inhabitants.

- My name is Din Suan Bang. It’s an ordinary Vietnamese name. The second name “Din” means “Nail”, the first name “Bang” means “Eagle”. “Suan” is “Spring”.

I was born in a little village near Hanoi. I entered the lyceum school after the 9th form and moved to Hanoi in 2006. I always had a great desire to travel and explore the world, so I decided to choose the University abroad. I was interested in Russia, watching television transmissions, reading newspapers and books. I knew that Russia was a beautiful and cultural country and, after getting the grant for education from Vietnamese Government, I came to Volgograd in 2010.

My first impression was disappointment. The city turned out to be small, without European architecture. After my trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg I saw that Russia was beautiful and interesting.

After a while I loved Volgograd. Firstly, it’s interesting for me to study here. Secondly, there is a real friendship of nations: I have many friends here and we often go to the different forums and summer campus. I love this kind of rest very much.

The nature is wonderful in Volgograd. The climate isn’t as cold as in Siberia or north cities. There are cinema, hypermarket, stadium and club.

Volgograd people are really good. They see the best in a person and forgive all the bad things. They love their country and they are sincerely interested in the world.

I like to go for a walk on the bank of Volga River. This place inspired me for the morning run. My good impressions are connected with this place where I meet interesting people, admire the sunset and the sunrise and sniff the scent of lilac every April. I swim a lot, seeing beautiful Russian girls.

I take part in the social events and try to find out about Russian people’s life, Volgograd and Russia. Sometimes I have difficulties with Russian words but Russian people are kind: they listen attentively and ask additional questions. I’d like to remark that international people can understand each other working at one task.

When I come back to my city I always tell about Volgograd to my family and friends. I have one year and half in Russia and I’d like to get used to cold and swim in the river at 20 or 30 degrees below zero.

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