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Foreign first year students of VSTU visit the main height of Russia


Foreign first year students continue to get acquainted with the city where they will study and live for the next four years.

Every our student knows that the way to his own achievements in life starts from the main height – the Mamaev Hill. Students-economists from Iraq, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Vietnam have visited the class-excursion. Before the excursion there was an informative and language preparation: the insight into the Stalingrad battle, 135 days of struggle on the hill, perpetuation of the memory of victory and construction of the memorial.

After such a preparation it is worth seeing everything with your own eyes. To see, hear, understand, memorize and keep in mind names of heroes and creators of the memorial complex, sculptors and architects, to read the inscriptions on the walls of the ruins and translate them into mother tongue in order to understand the slightest shades of meaning, to stop near each sculptural composition and natural site: “Memory of generations”, heroes’ memory alley, square of those who fought to the bitter end, ruined walls, the square of Heroes, Pantheon with a martyrology on banners and a guard of Honor, statue of a bereft mother, “Lake of tears”, Church of all the Saints. And finally climb two hundred granite steps to the magnificent and recognizable in all parts of the world statue “The Motherland calls”.

Women of war is a special, heroic, tragic and inspirational topic. The students stood near the sculptural composition “A nurse and an injured soldier” for a long time.

The students who are studying the Russian language have been attracted by linguistic riddles. The students from Uzbekistan were interested in the name of the hill – Mamaev. In the center of Volgograd there is a name “Mamay”, which also exists in the Uzbek language. Arab students were amazed by size of the memorial complex, solemnity and beauty of the place. The beauty of memory was emphasized by the beauty of life. Nice brides, happy grooms paid a tribute to the defenders of the Fatherland.

It was nice and sunny… The sky was blue and clouds were flying over the Mamaev Hill, over Volgograd and over the trans-Volga region …

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