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Governor of the Volgograd region Andrey Bocharov has awarded VSTU with medal «For achievements in the Volgograd region»


Governor Andrey Bocharov took part in the extended meeting of the academic council of Volgograd state technical university. This year the flagship university celebrates its 90-th anniversary. The head of the region has awarded VSTU with the medal “For achievements in the Volgograd region”. It was the first time when the university staff has received such prize.

Common tasks in virtual reality. This is not an entertainment, but a special digital simulator. It was created for the rehabilitation of the patients who, for example, had a blood-stroke. The scientists of the Volgograd state technical university have been working on the program for several months. Medical institutions of the country have become interested in this elaboration. Another application, which is tested at the Volgograd cardio center, will help people with heart disease.

Alexander Zubkov the student of VSTU: “It is created for people with heart disease. Today it is so called bridge between the patient and the doctor, where the doctor monitors the dynamics of his patient's recovery, medication taking, and health indicators. And the patient receives the necessary information based on medical recommendations."

Dozen of projects are presented at the exhibition of innovative digital technologies of VSTU. They are aimed at the improvement of the technological processes in different spheres and industries. Many of them were supported at the regional, federal and international levels. Digital technologies are also used in architecture. One of the conceptions for the formation of public spaces in the Voroshilovskiy district “Tsaritsyn quarters” has been presented. The head of the region Andrey Bocharov proposed this initiative in January. The authors note that thanks to the modern technologies they could save time on its elaboration.

Alina Polonskaya, student of Institute of architecture and civil engineering (branch of VSTU): “We have also elaborated our project using BIM- design programmes. The layout shows the buildings that have been printed using a 3D printer. In other words 3-D models which we have created for the visualization can be printed. This facilitates the work with the layout”.
The head of the region Andrey Bocharov has noticed long-term benefits of the elaborations and proposed the university staff to get involved in the formation of a program for creating a new scientific IT center.

Andrey Bocharov, the governor of the Volgograd region: “We would like to create such a center of IT technologies and competences, connected with information technologies on the territory of the Volgograd region. Of course we communicate with different people, discuss these topics and there are a lot of different opinions where, after all, this center should be located. There should be a place where people, involved in the IT sphere, can gather together, for whom it will be comfortable”.

One of the main questions is to find the most convenient location. Development corporation of the Volgograd region, technical university and winners of the competition “Russian leaders” will be involved in the implementation of the project. For the first time in regional history the governor Andrey Bocharov has awarded Volgograd state technical university with a medal “For achievements in the Volgograd region”, which the university staff will receive. Andrey Bocharov the governor of the Volgograd region: “Today I am so pleased to award Volgograd State Technical University with the state prize "For achievement in the Volgograd region”. Dear colleagues, I congratulate you and all staff members, employees, students, Ph.D, graduate students and of course veterans of VSTU with 90-th anniversary of the higher educational institution and just award. I wish you new victories and scientific achievements».

Scientific achievements of VSTU scientists are widely known in Russia and abroad. The university is among three leaders of our country according to the number of provided patents.
Alexander Navrotskiy, rector of VSTU: “The university always feels its connection with the region. But for the last five years when we have started to realize the programs of the flagship university we have found ourselves inside a great number of important economic processes. That is why when the governor has made this in fact first, historical and unprecedented decision to award the staff, it was positively accepted by the university team.”

The head of the region has mentioned that the work of the university staff deserves great recognition and respect. The institutions of higher education which are included into the flagship university have graduated more than 215 thousand highly qualified engineers, constructors, architects and economists who work in different industries.

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