Student of VSTU is a winner of the All-Russian competition “My country-My Russia”


Winners of the All-Russian competition “My country – my Russia” in the nomination “Digital environment to improve living standards of regional citizens” have been announced. 

On August 10 the participants of the All-Russian competition “My country-my Russia”, which is one of the projects of the presidential platform “Russia – the country of opportunities”, have defended their projects, presented in the nomination “Digital environment to improve living standards of regional citizens”.

On the full-time stage of the competition the participants from 17 regions of Russia have presented their initiatives in the sphere of digital technologies. Experts of the competition “My country – my Russia” have selected the winners in the nomination “ Digital environment to improve living standards of regional citizens”. They are four people and among them there is a student of our university Victor Noskin! Victor has presented a project of a digital service to support patients after endoprosthetics surgery. 

“Russia –the country of opportunities” is an open platform for interaction not only of the participants and partners, but also of its projects. “My country – my Russia” successfully proves how such collaborations can greatly increase opportunities of the competitors. Cooperation with the Grant competition of the youth initiatives will allow the participants to realize their ideas, while experts of the cross-sectional competition “Digital breakthrough”, who have taken part in the final competition will be able to share their experience and knowledge concerning their implementation” – has noticed Vladislav Davankov - deputy chief executive officer of the independent non-profit organization “Russia-the country of opportunities”. 

The nomination “Digital environment to improve living standards of regional citizens” is held with the assistance of the Russian society “Znanie”.

«Every project, submitted in the final nomination, is valuable both for its scientific component and the possibility of its application. Participants’ solutions can create supportive environment for the citizens of our country in the social sphere in general including public health service and education. The Russian society “Znanie” is ready to support participants’ initiatives – the winners of the nomination will get money rewards in the amount of 100, 70 and 50 thousand rubles, facilitate their realization and further development” – said Lubov Dukhanina – a chairperson of the Russian society “Znanie”.

The head of the competition “My country – my Russia”, deputy rector of the Russian state university for the humanities – Larisa Pastukhova has noticed that this year the nomination “ Digital environment to improve living standards of regional citizens” is especially symbolic: “In such difficult time due to the digital technologies, apart from the main competitional path, we could realize new educational online programs such as the project #StudyTogether and All-Russian educational online expedition “My country – my Russia, initiated by the Association of finalists of the competition. I am sure that participants’ digital solutions, presented today, will find their application in the realization of new seasons of the competition”.

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