The main Regional Youth Forum of the year “Volga”


The main Regional Youth Forum of the year “Volga” will take place in Volgograd District from the 21st to the 24th of September.

The aim of the forum is the creation of the conditions for the self-realization of the youth and formation of the young people’s professional communities, consolidation of the young people’s efforts in the resolution of the tasks focused on the development of Volgograd District.

The educational program will be formed in 10 areas: “Staff reserve”, “Specialists of state youth politics”, “Young Specialists”, “Students’ Self-Management”, “Welcoming District”, “Community”, “Young Family”, “Media Systems”, “YoungHead34”, “Healthy Living and Mass Sport”.

Russian citizens aged from 18 to 30 (-35 for the area “Young Family”) who live on the territory of Volgograd District can participate in the forum.

The registration is opened till the 10th of September in the automated system “Russian Youth”:

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