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The meeting of the Academic Council of VSTU: the Rector’s report


The Rector of VSTU and Academician of RAS Vladimir Lysak presented the report during the last meeting of the Academic Council of VSTU conducted by the President of VSTU and Academician of RAS Ivan Novakov. The Rectors of Volgograd leading Universities and the representatives of the Regional Committee of Education and Science were invited to the meeting.

VSTU was one of the first Russian higher educational establishments to get the status of the Flagship University and it strictly follows the strategic program of the development: VSTU prefers the quality of the specialists’ training to their quantity; organizes the education in accordance with the best world standards and modern technologies.

The Rector of VSTU remarked the increase of the publication activity in 2017. The research and pedagogical workers of VSTU published 2445 research articles to the peer-reviewed journals, 235 works - in the international print media, including the scientometrical bases SCOPUS – 339 and WEB of SCIENCE – 151. 256 entries for the intellectual property were submitted and 257 patents for the inventions were obtained. VSTU ranks among Top 100 Universities having the biggest portfolio of patents in Russian Federation in 2010 – 2015.

VSTU has the content of research work almost in 445,9 million rubles. The researchers of the University are very active in the contests: last year 236 entries were submitted in the Research and Techniques Areas; 110 grants and projects were financed.

The University Authorities pay attention to the high-level specialists’ training: 9 Doctor’s dissertations and 54 PhD dissertations were defended in 2016 and 2017; 8 dissertational councils opened at VSTU.

The Flagship University cooperates with the industrial enterprises: 70 projects were realized by the researchers of VSTU and introduced into the enterprises of Russia.

Vladimir Lysak also told about the tasks of the University for 2018: the stable development of VSTU on the base of the top-priority project “Universities as Centers of the Development of Innovations”, the preparation of the University to the successful state accreditation, the functioning of the “Kvantorium” and activation of the II part of the high academic building, the enlargement of the export of the educational services and attraction of the international students, organization of the programs of the additional professional education on the base of the on-line lessons etc.

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