The students of the Flagship University are invited to the contest "New look"


The Department of the State Politics in the Young People and Children's Education Area invites the young people to the IX All-Russian Contest of the Social Publicity "New Look".

This is the biggest contest in the Social Publicity Area for the young people at the ages from 14 to 30. The contest gives them the possibility to express their attitude towards the significant social problems of the modern society and show the ways of their solution.

The main themes of the contest:

- "Transport Safety is an issue for everyone" - popularization of the role of the state and citizens in the formation of the effective measures aimed at the assurance of the safety of all means of transport.

- "Accessible and high-quality medicine" - information sharing about the citizens' rights for getting on-time accessible, high-quality and effective medical help without distinction of age and place of residence.

- "Responsible donor" - formation of the responsible attitude towards the people's life. Every donation can save a life, recover one’s health, make the relatives happy. The responsible donor realizes this project permanently.

- "The youth pushing for the road-traffic safety" - popularization of the abidance by traffic regulations and demonstration of the citizens' intolerance towards the highway lawbreakers.

- "Free theme" - the works about other actual social themes are accepted.

The contest is realized in 2 nominations: social poster and social video.

The entries are submitted till the 20th of September on the official site .

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