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The team of the students of VSTU took part in the Olympiad “I’m a professional”


The team of the students of VSTU took part in the Olympiad “I’m a professional” organized on the base of St. Petersburg and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

“I’m a professional” is a large-scale educational Olympiad of a new format for the students of technical, humanitarian and natural-science profiles. The tasks are suggested by the representatives of Russian leading companies and Universities. The best participants will get money prizes, facilities for undertaking a Master or PhD degree; approve themselves in the contact with the employers.

Ivan Torubarov (gr.ATP-421), Mikhail Malyshev (gr.ATP-421), David Azaryan (gr.SM-426) (Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor’s degree program), Alexander Ikonnikov (gr. ATP-1), Alina Gontar (gr. SM-2) (Mechanical Engineering, Master’s degree program), Grigory Kotelnikov (gr.UTS-420) and Vladimir Smolov (gr.ATP-421) (Management in Technical Systems, Bachelor’s degree program) successfully solved the tasks of the selective correspondence stage that took place in December. They were invited to the final stage of the Olympiad in St. Petersburg. The results will be announced in February.

The students of VSTU are invited to the winter engineering school “Engineers of the Future: knowledge of high achievements” in accordance with the results of the contest of the motivation letters. They will spend 5 days, talking to the leading specialists and cooperating in the different projects.

Bachelor and Master’s Degree students, Heads of the Master programs, researchers and representatives of the biggest companies of Russia will participate in the work of the winter school. The speakers will tell about the modern and promising projects in the area of energy and mechanical engineering, IT in technical systems and share the secrets of the successful development of the career.

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