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Volgograd State Technical University is among the winners of the national competition of scientific megaprojects


Scientists of VSTU will get considerate funding for the development of polymers of the future.

Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation has summarized the results of the competition for grant provision in form of subsidies to carry out big scientific projects in priority areas of scientific and technological development. 

The competition was held within the realization of the program “Fundamental scientific researches for a long-term development and ensuring of the competitiveness of the society and state” and the program “Scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation”.

Big scientific projects, focused on conducting fundamental scientific researches in a number of areas, including chemical sciences and study of materials, physical sciences and astronomy, biological sciences and others have been accepted for the competition. 

Big scientific project led by the vice-president of RAS, academician A.R. Khokhlov “Fundamental basis of the creation of non-waste production of polymers and polymeric materials with programmable period of service, which meets modern ecological requirements (Polymers of the future”), prepared by the Association of 8 scientific institutions of RAS and universities, has become the winner of the competition. 

The project is aimed at the development of new methods of synthesis and regulation of polymer properties, which will allow to create emission-free manufactures and materials, which have minimum impact on the environment both during the exploitation and during its utilization, to be precise, which are programmed on self-destruction after termination of its term of service. Among other things, absolutely new methods of production of plastic films and fibers (basis of the largest usage of polymers) using 3D printing and multi-extruder technologies with application of digital methods and computer modeling will be proposed. 

The Association includes Volgograd state technical university (flagship university of the Volgograd region) with subproject “Objective laws of surface modification of biodegradable polymers and materials to control lyophilic properties and biodegradability”. Academician of RAS I.A. Novakov, doctor of Chemistry, professor A.V. Navrotskiy, candidate of Chemical sciences E.V. Bryuzguin and number of young researchers of VSTU will participate in the project. Scientists’ researches of the technical university will be focused on the solution of the fundamental problem, concerning the management of the processes of water affinity of the surface of solid bodies by getting modified polymeric materials with functional coverings in order to regulate their biodegradability.

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