VSTU occupies the 45th place among 125 technical universities of the country in the ranking of the universities which are in demand in the Russian Federation


According to the information, provided by the press service “Social navigator” of the international multimedia press center “Russia today” in 2019 the research included 436 universities what is 12 less than it was in 2018 (444 universities). The reduction of the number of participants in the ranking is connected with reorganization and incorporation of some universities. Evaluation of the universities was carried out taking into account such indicators as the share of graduate students who got a referral to a job, the commercialization of the intellectual product of the organization, as well as citation of its employees’ works. VSTU- a flagship university is included in top 50 best technical institutions and confidently occupies 45-th position.

The proportion of students who graduated from Volgograd state technical university with a referral to a job is 22 %. Another criterion “the proportion of funds from the commercialization of intellectual products” is 26,5%, while such criterion as “i-citation index of employees’ works ” comprises17%.

The ranking includes state, municipal and private institutions of higher education among which there are 88 classical universities, 125 technical universities, 49 universities of agriculture, 65 universities of the Humanities (including pedagogical, philological universities and universities of physical education and sport), 59 universities, connected with the sphere of management and 50 medical universities.

According to the results of the research in 2019 about 64% of students, graduated from technical universities, got a referral to a job, at universities of the Humanities this index is 62%, at medical universities - 60% and at classical universities 53%.

Commercialization and citation

Technical universities are leaders according to the criterion “the percent of funds in the university budget from researches, inventions and programs of professional education for organizations”. On average, the commercialization of their intellectual product comprises about 16% of the budget. The average indexes of agricultural universities are almost two times lower. Medical and Humanitarian universities have the lowest average index – about 6%. The authors of the research did not find out clear logic of citation of scientific publications for researchers from different groups of universities. In general 7-13 distinguished scientists work at agricultural and humanitarian universities, at the universities of management their number is 8-15 while at medical universities there are from 10-12 to 15-17 distinguished scientists.


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